Prosthetic Bodies, Limbs, Skeletons & Custom Services


A range of off-the-shelf standard bodies, comprising mutilated, drowned and burnt bodies in both latex and Urethane foam construction.

Available for Hire only




A range of off-the-shelf standard limbs, severed by mutilation, or cut in both latex and Urethane foam construction.

Available for Hire only



A range of off-the-shelf  body parts, comprising fingers, hands, feet, ears, organs, teeth and burnt bodies in both latex and Urethane foam construction.

Available for Hire only



Skeletons & Remains

A range of off-the-shelf standard skeletons & decomposed remains, medical grade skeletons finished with high quality  latex and paint decomposed finishes

Available for Hire only


Custom Prosthetics

Our in-house Prosthetics Artist, trained with the legendary Niell Gorton (Star Wars, Dr Who etc. etc.), offering our Signature range of custom prosthetic work for film & TV



The Forsaken West - Halloween 2018 from Cirque Le Soir on Vimeo.

BloodyStuff Prosthetics were extensively used for this 2018 Halloween Promo by Cirque Le Soir.


"I just wanted to say a tremendous thank you, for always coming through for us. We have just launched this year's halloween video. Your prosthetics went down amazingly!" - Charlie Allen, Cirque Le Soir

Signature Range of Prosthetics by Ulyana

The top of the line Signature range of Film & TV Prosthetics are all custom commissioned, one-off's from Ulyana Staryk, a professional film & tv prosthetic artist, who can produce all manner of body effects & creations directly from the lifecast of an actor.   Ulyana has studied under some of the greatest, Oscar & award winning presthetic artists/mould makers in the business, including Special effects luminary Niell Gorton (IMDB Biog) & published scultpure Nick Brooks

Film & TV Prop Prosthetic limbs, torso's and body parts for film, tv and stage effects High Quality Prosthetics for Hire

BloodyStuff Prosthetic Hire

If your budget won't stretch to a full commission for a one-of-a-kind prosthetic, then we also provide access to a range of stock prosthetics limbs, heads and body parts to suit all budgets. Some of these originally would have been individually commissioned for feature films, costing anywhere between £2,000 and £10,000 to produce, however, we have been able to acquire many of these directly from the productions and make these available for weekly hire from as little as £75/week.   Our growing range of off-the-shelf prosthetic limbs, body parts, skeletons and complete bodies, can provide fantastically high, film quality props to productions with even the most modest budgets including Micro-movie makers, Film, TV Drama/Documentary and Theatres.

If you don't see what you need here, please contact us as we have access to many moulds to enable cost effective re-moulding in a variety of materials from Urethane to high quality silicones and we can provide cost effective skin coloured blanks for you to apply your own finishing.

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