Blood & Medical Effects

Silicon Blood Pools

Blood Knives

Blood Medical equipment, phlebotomy 

Retractable liquid Syringes

Safe AirSquibs



Breakaway Effects

Breakaway Furniture, Gates, Doors 

HD Soft Glass shards

Breakaway Ceramics

Brekaway Glass, Bottles

Breakaway Concrete & Bricks

Prop Weapons

PFC firing pistols, rifles, shotguns, SMG's

Replica non firing pistols, rifles , SMG's

Replica Tasers, expolosives, bombs and devices

Safe fight knives

Safe prop knives & scalpels

Soft Stunt Props

Foam Garden tools

Foam Guns and Knives

Foam hand tools

Foam kitchen equipment

Foam axes, trunctions, battons


Bodies - mutilated, decomposed, drown, burnt

Foam & Latex limbs

Body parts - fingers, ears, eyes, teeth, organs

Skeletons & remains

Custom commissioned prosthetics

No 1 for Film & TV Props & Effects - Hire, Sales & Support

The Premiere place for Props & Effect - AirSquib, Guns, Stunt Props, Blood Knives, Makeup, CGI, Flocking, Pyrotechnics & Breakaway Glass/FurnitureFX

BloodyStuff manufacture, hire and distribute a  wide range of props and effects specifically for Film and HDTV which provide all the action essential prop guns, stunt knives, stunt props, blood liquids, wound fillers, HD FX makeup and stage effects you'll ever need.

NEW BloodyStuff Soft Glass Broken Bottles

NEW BloodyStuff Soft Glass Broken Bottles

These individually made HD Soft Glass bottle bottoms are completely safe to use in contact with skin. Designed for use in fight scenes or where the action calls for broken glass to be stamped on in bare feet or pushed into a face.

For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


NEW BloodyStuff Silicon Blood Pools

NEW BloodyStuff Silicon Blood Pools

Newly perfected and ready for use, we are proud to announce our remarkable Silicon Blood pools. Easy to deploy reusable and very effective where using stage blood is not appropriate (eg, on an antique wooden floor). The realism and ease of use combined the physical flexibity - not rigid like some products - makes our silicon blood pools the best solution yet. Gore without the mess! Custom pieces and standard Pool Packs available.
For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


NEW Stunt Kitchen Knife Stab Kit

The complete Stab Kit is now for availabe for sale or hire and comes with everything you need to simulate a fatal stab scene. The kit includes

a proffesionaly blunted 'Hero' twin knife. A blood version is now being developed and will be available in Spring 2016

For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


CAUTION: Whilst we dull all the blades to prevent accidental cuts, care must be taken whenever knives are being used and whilst the edges are all dulled any knife can cause serious injury if used without extreme caution.

NEW Stunt Blood Scalpel Kit

Now available for Hire, we are proud to announce our new stunt blood scalpel. Ideal use in surgical situations
and ultra realistic close ups.
For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.

NEW High Definition Rubber Glass

Now on sale. Our new range of ultra realistic hi definition rubber glass products. Multipe uses include safe skin contact

for wounds or to simulate broken windscreens, windows and even broken bottles. So realistic it can create caustic reflections! Contact us for further details.

  • Flocking Equipment - Our PropFlocker Flocking Services and Equipment, provide amazing prop, set and character makeup capabilities from one the best value systems on the market
  • Dirty Down - Ageing, Dulling and Snow Sprays for prop and costume ageing and effects.  Best snow/frost spray suitable for film, HDTV & Stage.
  • AirSquib - The unique "non-pyro" air-squibs for Film and HD TV are totally safe and do not need trained personel to use them.  Exclusively available from BloodyStuff
  • Prop Firing-Weapons - Our amazing range of ultra realistic PlugFire Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles and SMG's are available for hire to film and TV productions. 
  • Prop Stunt Blade-Weapons - Our range of Stunt blood Knives & realistic self-contained syringe effects will provide an immediate "one-take" effect of cuts and injections/blood extraction
  • Soft Prop Weapons - A professional film and HDTV range of foam and rubber tools, moulded by our professional prop makers to the highest quality, to enable stunts with realistic looking tools
  • Breakaway Glass & Furniture - An exclusive range of "breakaway" glass and furniture effects, including glass, bottles, glasses, crockery & ceramics, doors & furniture and custom made pieces.
  • Micro ProFogger Smoke Machine - The Worlds smallest Smoke/Fog Machine, battery operated and wirelessly controlled.  Concealed in the smallest space for great smoke/gas/fog effects.
  • Prosthetic Limbs & Body Parts - A range of high quality off-the-shelf limbs and body parts for weekly rental.  The props are foam or silicone and of the highest film quality.

Action Film Props - Weapons, Guns, Stunt Blood Knives, Prop Tools - HIRE

Prop Guns, Stage Prop Weapons, Firing Props, Prop Pistol, Prop SMG, Prop Shotgun, Sawn off shotgun Prop Weapons & Tools

BloodyStuff  Provide a huge range of guns, stunt blood knives, syringes, rubber and foam wrenches, hammers, axes, baseball bats and even a cast iron look frying pan, all suitable for Film and HDTV.

Our Plug fire replica guns are the perfect prop guns. Almost indistinguishable from the real thing, our guns provide full blowback, sparks, smoke, action cycling and cartridge ejection, but all without the need for a qualified armourer being on set.

Our Stunt Blood knives are perfect for one take ultra realistic cuts and our foam and rubber stunt weapons and tools are a perfect, but much safer alternative to the real thing.

Air-Squib - The "SAFE" Bullet Hit Generator only from BloodyStuff - FOR SALE & HIRE

Revolutionary Air Squib for Film, TV and Theatrical use - Sale/Hire from Incredibly Safe Remotely Controlled Air-Squib

 BloodyStuff supply for purchase or hire, the unique "AirSquib",  a pneumatic squib or air powered bullet hit simulator used for film, tv or theatre productions to simulate an actor being hit by a single bullet, in a safe, economic and portable way. No need for long wires as the unit is self contained and can be easily hidden on an actors’ waist/belt, a leg or taped behind the back. The bloody ”hit” is set off with a radio control transmitter and all without the risks normally associated with traditional, but bloodydangerous Pyrotechnic Squibs

Breakaway Effects - Glass, Botttles & Furniture Breakable Props - FOR SALE

Breakaway, Prop, Stage, Glass, Bottles, Crockery, Breakaway furniture Breakaway Glass & Furniture Props


BloodyStuff provide a range of in-house manufactured "Breakaway" Glass, bottles and crockery items which are extremely realistic to look at, shatter like real glass and even sound like breaking glass.   Because we manufacture ourselves, we can provide all kinds of bottles, glasses etc., in clear, green & brown as well as opaque white/cream for crockery simulation.   We keep the original glasses/bottles from our moulds, which can be supplied with the breakaway versions for close-up or actual use (eg. you see an actor drinking from the real champagne glass, then this is swapped for our Breakaway version for the action/smashing shot.