Q.Does AirSquib require a trained or professional armourer or explosives person to operate it.

A.No.... AirSquib is designed to be used by anyone who can be bothered to read the manual.


Q.Is AirSquib Safe

A.Whilst only staying in bed all day could be considered truly safe, AirSquib is as safe as you can get and when used safely and in accordance with directions, it is totally safe to both operator and actors.


Q. Can AirSquib be used to simulate multiple bullet hits

A. Original AirSquib is designed as a single bullet hit generator, but you could certainly have 2 or more units remotely triggered (modified for triggering at the same time) or manually fired.   However, we also have our Tolin Air Squibs which can provide up to 12 simultaneous and multiple sequential hits from a single pack.


Q. Can I replicate a shotgun type blast injury with AirSquib

A. Yes, abolutly, the new Tolin Air Squibs will provide extremly explosive apperances with the potential for vast quantities of blood.  

The original AirSquib provides the most authentic results when being used to simulate a single bullet hit (multiple with more than one AirSquib system).   


Q. Is AirSquib kit suitable for anything other than blood hits

A. Yes, AirSquib is suitable for dust hits or smoke, simulating a zombie or laser type hit.  BloodyStuff sell pre-charged dust tubes as well as blood tubes for dedicated use with AirSquib


Q. Is their anything else in the AirSquib Kit

A. Obviously the AirSquib remote controlled bullet hit system is the main component, but we also supply pumps and tubing for various blood wound effects.   


Q. Does AirSquib damage props or wardrobe

A. It Depends. AirSquib with correct viscosity liquids will under pressure go through the fibres of many pourous/breathable clothing.  This means that the clothing/wardrobe does not have to be cut and will not be damaged by explosions caused by traditional explosive squibs, making it ideal for budget concious productions and stage shows, where the effect will be repeated many times, paying for itself many times over in budget costs in wardrobe.  However, for most explosive results, then scoring the clothing will infinitely increase the effect and the amount of blood that is released.   We recommend Original AirSquib for Theatres and our Tolin Air Squibs for film and tv.


Q. Is there a video that shows how to use it?

A. Yes, right below is a link to YouTube and a video courtecy of AirSquib colleagues at Roger George in the USA

A Video will be published soon showing the new Tolin Cartridge system, which we expect to be available in 2015.