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.... and now introducing "Firing Squad", & "Big Shot" & an entirely new and more powerful range of Air Squibs from our designer in Los Angeles

The Air Squib from BloodyStuff, is a pneumatic squib or air powered bullet hit simulator used for film, television or theatre productions to simulate the illusion of an actor being hit by a single bullet,  in a safe, economic and portable way. No need for long wires as the unit is self contained and can be easily hidden on an actors’ waist/belt, a leg or taped behind the back. The bloody ”hit” is set off with a radio control transmitter. 


The Air Squib consists of three parts - the radio control transmitter, the portable, radio-controlled air ejector - hidden on the belt, or similar, and the special nozzle - placed on the inside of the shirt, where you want the bloody hit to appear.


Since the introduction over 2 years ago of the revolutionary AirSquib single bullet hit genertor, which has now been used on countless film, tv and stage productions, we have been working dilligently to bring you not one, but two exciting new products to the AirSquib family, joining with the original AirSquib Bullet hit generator.


  • Original  AirSuib - The original and still the best and most famous non-pyro bullet hit generator
  • Big Shot AirSquib - A more powerful device, which produces more bloods from a larger wound
  • Firing Squad AirSquib - Simultaneous six bullet hit generator, can also give a good effect for SMG hits

With Air Squib, there is no need for expensive professional special effects people.  Rig the hits yourself either 
NO need for an explosives licence. No need to use heavy storage containers. No need for stand-by nurses.... when you use Air Squib from BloodyStuff
Almost silent - Air Squib is great for ”nervous actors” or animals wary of loud noises. This also means you will not have to hand out dozens of ear-plugs to a crew anymore! (BloodyStuff CGI Effects can always help add sound effects or even more blood effects in post-production.)
The Minimal weight of Air Squib when connected to clothing, means it’s easier than ever to hide the hit on the actor. First time users will be able to set up realistic bullet hits first time, without any training (just 2 minutes to look at the instructions).

Air Squib will also allow you to create smokey hits, dust hits, blood hits or pulsating blood wounds. One unit will transform you into a one-man army, creating all the hits a director could need.
Air Squib has been developed by a leading professional special effects technician to solve the increasing health, safety and cost issues of conventional explosive squibs.




The videos are filmed using our Red Epic camera (for hire from at 2K resolution, 300fps.   No special effects or CGI were used in the making of the video.... this is exactly what the Unique AirSqib and our BloodyStuff Blood Liquid tubes looks like when fired.   All Sound effects were added in Post Production by our Editor (see our CGI Section for these services) 

Select the video required and play..  The video window can be expanded to full screen or you can go to our VimeoPro Channel to view.  The video is in full HD resolution, so a broadband internet connection is recommended.

BloodyStuff is proud to announce our asscociation with SquibFX.  These safety squib rigs are super safe, very easy to use, & intuitive to learn. And because they are non-explosive, they require no licenses or special permits to operate.

We also create other crazy blood delivery systems to create huge blasts of blood or sustained sprays of blood.

We are the result of nearly two decades of designing and building bullet hits, thousands of hours of research & development and rigorous testing...

Because our rigs use air instead of explosives, they are a safe alternative to traditional squibs. Our rigs come in a variety of styles, are very easy to use, and create consistently beautiful and effective bullet hit and blood effects every time. These rigs make otherwise complicated and expensive fx shots quick and easy. They reset quickly for retakes and can save tons of time on set and during rehearsal.


Following excellent video from Hillywood is a music parody of The Walking Dead. It features blood hits using our UK exclusive SquibFX compressed Bullet hit simulators. Already used in film, tv and theatre, these incredibly powerful and superbly made systems are available from around £800 to £1500 each.


Traditional Explosive Squibs are Dangerous!

No one should be strapping explosives onto performers to create the illusion of a bullet hit. It's dangerous and a huge liability. Use non-explosive bullet hits instead! They use air instead of explosives so they are a safe alternative to explosive squibs!


Traditional Explosive Squibs are Expensive!

Using explosives is very expensive and creates huge production headaches. You'll need special permits. You'll face insurance hurdles. and you'll need to hire licensed pyrotechnicians.

Use non-explosive bullet hits instead! They use air instead of explosives so they make shooting your bullet hit effects easy, reliable and headache free.


BloodyStuff have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about the advantages and useage of AirSquib, our Film, TV & Stage Bullet hit simulator system.

Please take a look, it's full of useful information

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