These air operated squib rigs exclusively avaialble to hire from BloodyStuff are extremely safe, very easy to use, & intuitive to learn. And because they are non-explosive, they require no licenses or special permits to operate. We also create other crazy blood delivery systems to create huge blasts of blood or sustained sprays of blood. SquibFX are the result of nearly two decades of designing and building bullet hits, thousands of hours of research & development and rigorous testing...  Because our rigs use air instead of explosives, they are a safe alternative to traditional squibs. Our rigs come in a variety of styles, are very easy to use, and create consistently beautiful and effective bullet hit and blood effects every time. These rigs make otherwise complicated and expensive fx shots quick and easy. They reset quickly for retakes and can save tons of time on set and during rehearsal.  Perfect for Film, TV and Theatre/live performance

" A fantastic effect and NO need for explosives licence,  heavy storage containers or stand-by medical teams"....
Almost silent - the air operated squib effects are great for  ”nervous actors” or when used in proximity to animals wary of loud noises for example. This also means you will not have to hand out  ear-plugs to a crew anymore! (BloodyStuff CGI Effects can always help add sound effects or even more blood effects in post-production.)


There are two different versions of our Multiple hit air operated squibs


  1. Firing Squad - AirSquib effect for creating six simultaneous hits for simulating a short burst of automatic weapon fire or firing squad
    • operates using a manual air pump to prime & a special formulation of our ulta-real HD blood liquids
  2. Bourne - SquibFX for creating two independent hits for simulating two shots/hits or an entry/exit wound hit
    • Operates using specific BloodyStuff Co2 cartridges & special formulation of our ultra-real HD blood liquid

Air Operated Squib FX,  can also be used to create smokey hits, dust hits, blood stabs or pulsating blood wounds. One of our units will transform you into a one-man army, creating all the hits a director could need.
Developed over several years by leading special effects professionals, to solve the increasing demands by producers, actors, SFX supervisors and insurers for a safe and cost effective alternative to conventional explosive squibs.

The Firing Squad - AirSquib Six simultaneous Hit Rig - Manual Air Pump powered - For HIRE


This kit allows you to rig six hits on an actor thanks to a clever swiveling 6-way outlet port. The hits will go off simultaneously, giving the impression of someone being shot with six bullets from a short burst of automatic weapon fire or a six man firing squad, ideal for an execution scene.  The system exclusively available from BloodyStuff is hire complete with radio control wireless transmitter which can be operated by the actor or a second operator, receiver, air pump, nozzles, double sided clothes tape.   A specially formulated and highly realist HD blood liquid is required from BloodyStuff to use when hiring this amazing system.


  • This rig fires six simultanous blood hits - perfect for a short burst from a rapid fire SMG or  a firing squad simulation
  • Wireless control by actor or second operator
  • This rig is very reliable and tough
  • Realistic gunshot wounds
  • Environment multiple simultanous hits in drywall, dirt & debris, leaves, sand, water, etc

The Bourne - SquibFX Twin Independent Hit Rig - Co2 Powered - For HIRE


The Bourne Co2 powered twin hit rig is a compact and high-tech twin bullet hit rig exclusively from BloodyStuff. It is larger than the six simultanous shot Firing Squad as The Bourne can achieve two independent bullet hits from the one rig. This is perfect for creating two consecutive bullet hit effects or an entrance and exit wound scenario by pulling both triggers at once. Fabricated from miniature pneumatics and encased in high impact resistant urethane and a carbon fiber shell, this rig is all about plug and play. It is small enough that it can be worn discreetly under almost any wardrobe without obvious detection. The rig is driven with BloodyStuff threaded CO2 cartridges, and can be fired several times from a single cartridge. The trigger is hardwired and can put the power of firing right in the perfomer’s hands, but is also long enough to be fired by another operator. Powered by one 12V battery.

  • This rig fires two shots independently or two hits at once from the wired remotes (long leads allow second person operator)
  • Used as a double hit or as an entrance and exit wound combo
  • This rig is virtually indestructable!
  • Realistic gunshot wounds
  • Also good for Abrupt small sprays of blood simulating dagger slashes
  • Small air mortar (small brain splat on the wall or a small burst of silicone safe-glass from a small window)
  • Environment twin hits in drywall, dirt & debris, leaves, sand, water, etc

What comes with your Bourne rig when you Hire or buy from BloodyStuff


1-  Custom Case

1-  Elastic and velcro holster
1-  Elastic and velcro wrist strap
1-  Miniature pneumatic solenoid valve & carbon fiber shell
2-  12V Batteries
1-  BloodyStuff cartridges (always in stock)
1-  Waterproof trigger
1-  Silicone and flat silicone tube assembly
1-  Complete set of illustrated instructions

BloodyStuff additional Co2 cartridges and special Blood liquids need  to be ordered separately

For rental enquires please contact us, call 07530 479019 or email