The Bond is the most compact and high tech bullet hit rig we build. Fabricated from miniature pneumatics and encased in high impact resistant urethane and a carbon fiber shell, this rig is all about plug and play. It is small enough that it can be worn discreetly under almost any wardrobe without obvious detection. The rig is driven with BloodyStuff threaded CO2 cartridges, and can be fired several times from a single cartridge. The trigger is hardwired and can put the power of firing right in the perfomers hands, but is also long enough to be fired by another operator. Powered by one 12V battery, the rig can be fired hundreds of times before they need replaced.

  • The most compact rig
  • The rig using the highest air pressure
  • This rig is virtually indestructable!
  • Realistic gunshot wounds
  • Abrupt small sprays of blood (dagger slash or eye gouge)
  • Small air mortar (small brain splat on the wall or a small burst of silicone safe-glass from a small window)
  • Environment hit (drywall, dirt & debris, leaves, sand, water, etc)

What comes with your rig


1-  Custom Case

1-  Elastic and velcro holster
1-  Elastic and velcro wrist strap
1-  Miniature pneumatic solenoid valve & carbon fiber shell
2-  12V Batteries
10-BloodyStuff cartridges (always in stock)
1-  Waterproof trigger
1-  Silicone and flat silicone tube assembly
1-  Complete set of illustrated instructions

For rental enquires please call 07530 479019 or email