Single Bullet Hit Rig

Exclusive Range of Air & Compressed Air Bullet hit simulators.

The single hit is a compact wirelessly triggered system which provides a stunningly realistic bullet hit effect, ejecting blood through clothes closely emulating the result of being shot with a pistol or revolver.



Multi-Bullet Hit Rig

Exclusive Compressed Air shotgun hit simulator.

The single shotgun hit provides a stunningly realistic simulation of the effect of being shot with a highpowered rifle or shotgun at close quarters, ejecting a forceful spray of blood  over a meter in distance

Heavy Blood Loss Rig

Exclusive Compressed Air blood loss simulation

Provides a stunningly realistic simulation of the effect of a major wound with extensive blood loss.  Controllable effects for flow and pressure allow most effects such as amputation, slit-throat, bleed-out to be created


Debris Hit Rig

Exclusive Compressed Air debris hit simulator.

Provides a stunningly realistic simulation of the effect of a bullet hit into walls, sand etc. ejecting a forceful plum of debris up to a meter in distance. Also perfect for zombie dust hits



Explosion & Mortar Hit

The Daddy of our Air Effects, these units can eject a cubic foot of debris up to 10m, perfect for simulating the effect of an explosion or mortar hit, where actors are required to be in the line of fire.  Our custom debris formulation creates large, small, dust and smoke simulation from materials that cannot injur actors or stuntmen (care must be taken with eyes, as the dust/debris could cause discomfort)

Our air operated squib rigs, exclusively avaialble to hire from BloodyStuff are extremely safe, very easy to use, & intuitive to learn. And because they are non-explosive, they require no licenses or special permits to operate. We also create other crazy blood delivery systems to create huge blasts of blood or sustained sprays of blood. SquibFX are the result of nearly two decades of designing and building bullet hits, thousands of hours of research & development and rigorous testing...  Because our rigs use air instead of explosives, they are a safe alternative to traditional squibs. Our rigs come in a variety of styles, are very easy to use, and create consistently beautiful and effective bullet hit and blood effects every time. These rigs make otherwise complicated and expensive fx shots quick and easy. They reset quickly for retakes and can save tons of time on set and during rehearsal.  Perfect for Film, TV and Theatre/live performance

" A fantastic effect and NO need for explosives licences,  heavy storage containers or stand-by medical teams"....
Almost silent - the air operated squib effects are great for  ”nervous actors” or when used in proximity to animals wary of loud noises for example. This also means you will not have to hand out  ear-plugs to a crew anymore! (BloodyStuff CGI Effects can always help add sound effects or even more blood effects in post-production.)


 Used extensively in film, tv,  theatre/live performane, these incredibly powerful and superbly made systems are  exclusively available from BloodyStuff to HIRE or purchase.  Contact Us for more details


The following excellent video from Hillywood is a music parody of The Walking Dead, exclusively featuring air operated blood hits using the SquibFX Co2 Bullet hit simulators.

Squib FX rigs are air driven systems used to create non-explosive safety squib hits and other safe blood effects.

What do they do?
Designed for stage or screen, the rigs are generally worn by a performer, but can also be built into the set or stage to create non-explosive environmental bullet hits.

Squib FX rigs are not just bullet hits
We also build blood delivery systems that spray sustained jets or streams of blood or fluid, and others that fire mass amounts of blood or fluid all at once.


Our rigs don't rely on pyrotechnics or explosives in any way to create the illusion of someone being shot, but rather are pnuematic (air-driven).

The mechanics of an air powered squib
The air chamber is pressurized to a desired psi and placed into a holster worn by a performer or is placed in a hiding place on set or on stage. The reservoir is filled with blood or debris and dressing is used to conceal the rig. The effect is fired from a hardwired switch, either by the performer wearing the rig or by technician off camera or off stage.

Squib reset time is super fast
Resetting the rig is as easy as re-pressurizing the air chamber and filling the barrell back up with goop.

Traditional Explosive Squibs are Dangerous!

No one should be strapping explosives onto performers to create the illusion of a bullet hit. It's dangerous and a huge liability. Use non-explosive bullet hits instead! They use air instead of explosives so they are a safe alternative to explosive squibs!


Traditional Explosive Squibs are Expensive!

Using explosives is very expensive and creates huge production headaches. You'll need special permits. You'll face insurance hurdles. and you'll need to hire licensed pyrotechnicians.

Use non-explosive bullet hits instead! They use air instead of explosives so they make shooting your bullet hit effects easy, reliable and headache free.

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