Micro ProFogger - Worlds Smallest Smoke Machine


Smaller footprint than an iPhone and only 3.5cm thick including battery and smoke liquid.


If you've ever needed to get smoke or gas effects coming from inside a small prop or space.... you're prayers have been answered.  Micro ProFogger from BloodyStuff is the worlds smallest smoke machine and what's more it's battery operated, takes SmokeShot liquid cartridges and can be optionally wirelessly operated, meaning that you can conceal in the paper slot of most printers, a glove compartment, electric box, inside a clock or wherever you need it.... 

Micro ProFogger

In the field of special effects, equipment for theatre, musicals and movies, individual solutions for placing fog effects are often needed. Until now, many great ideas have failed due to the size, lack of flexibility and price.



  • Smallest dimensions and very light weight,
  • easy one-hand-operation
  • Battery supplies energy only when the fogging process is activated. Thus ensures an increased fog time
  • and ready for operation time
  • Warm up time only 1 second
  • Continuous output
  • Fogging time programmable
  • Output adjustable in two steps
  • Control via start button and cable remote
  • Vaporizer can easily be changed if necessary
  • Minimal fluid consumption (0.5 ml/min. at continuous output)
  • Supplied in a case for transport and storage


The solution

The Micro ProFogger is called Micro, and its dimensions truly are miniscule (L = 10.3 cm, W = 5.1 cm, H = 3.5 cm). In this small package, technology of outstanding performance has been realised. The unit is a fog generator that fills a big gap in the special effects market, due to its small size and its programmability..


The generator

With the small dimensions and the light weight of only 250 grams (incl. battery and fluid tank), this little gadget can be easily used where small amounts of fog are desirabled.

The heart of the generator is a microprocessor which controls the fog emission. State of the Art technology opens a wide field of applications to the user.

For some applications it will be useful to program in a fixed fog amount. This can be done directly at the machine. The programmed fog amount can easily be reproduced and/or changed.

A compact battery, which is screwed into the machine, supplies the Micro ProFogger with the 3.7 V supply. Because of an intelligent control mechanism the battery supplies energy only when necessary. Thus the fog time is greatly increased compared to other battery powered machines.



The Micro ProFogger is triggered with a start button which is integrated into the lid of the machine. Also you can trigger the generator with the supplied cable remote or wireless remote. The remote will be connected to the machine by using a mini-stereo-jack cable.


Minimal fluid consumption

The fluid reservoir for the generator will be supplied ready to use and filled with our specially formulated Fluid. The reservoir is simply screwed into the machine. The Special Fluid ensures dense fog is produced with the lowest of fluid consumption (approx. 0.5 ml/min. at continuous output).


Technical Data


Vaporizing fog generator

Power requirement

30 Watt
Battery 3.7 V/1500 mAh, LiIon

Warm up time

1 second

Fluid tank capacity

5 ml

Fluid consumption

0,5 ml/min. at cont. Output

Fogging time


Continuous output with battery pack

approx. 10 minutes


adjustable in two steps (low/high)


 Start button in the lid, cable remote

Dimensions (L x W x H) incl. battery/fluid tank

11,5 x 5,1 x 3,5 cm

Weight Micro ProFogger incl. battery/fluid tank

250 g



Buy Now

Micro Pro-Fogger
856.00 GBP
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Micro Pro-Fogger is a professional fog machine in miniature. Complete with carry case, rechargeable battery, 6 smoke cartridge and wired remote control (fluid available separately)

Delivery typically 7 to 10 days

Pro-Fogger Wireless Remote
249.00 GBP
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Extend the capabilities of your Micro Pro-Fogger by adding a professional wireless radio remote control.... Controls the Micro Profogger from a remote location

Delivery typically 7 to 10 days