Micro Fogger

Revolutionary rechargable battery, self contained miniature fog machine, with a footprint smaller than an iphone, but  capable of filling a room with fog in just a few seconds.

Available for Hire or Purchase



BloodyStuff can provide professional equipment and services for all major atmospheric for film,tv, theatre and photography





Lighting Effects

BloodyStuff can provide fixed lighting installation, control and automation utilising the latest LED, Plasma & Moving head fixtures.

DMX controlled and possible with our custom control solution to bring, lighting, atmospherics, pyrotechnics under a single operator control or automation.

Custom Effects Solutions

BloodyStuff technicians can create custom control and effects solutions using our knowledge or DMX, Pyrotechnic and custom control hardware and software design. 

If you have a requirement to integrate lighting, atmospherics or pyrotechnics together for a film/tv scene or a theatre or theme park fixed installation, BloodyStuff have the equipment and expertise to handle the project

Special Effects Products & Services



Micro ProFoggger - Worlds Smallest Smoke/Fog Machine


Totally self-contained, battery operated smoke machine with optional wireless control.  Perfect for concealed smoke effects.






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