Pyrotechnic Effects

BloodyStuff stock and offer rigging and firing services for popular film effects, including scenery bullet hits (see our Squib Air Section for non-pyrotechnic options) if you want a bullet hit on an actor... it's much safer), mines, robotics (or electrical explosions) and general stage pyrotechnics.   

Keith Harding has many years film and tv experience with props and effects and is a certified member of The Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians (Membership number 2013509).

Below is one of our custom computerised firing systems.  This one was made to synchronously trigger pyrotechnics and our Air effects simultaneously.

We specialise in the supply and installation of the following types of film/tv pyrotechnic products.  We can supply bonefide film, TV and theatre companies with the pyrotechnics or we can offer a full installation and operation service.

  • Microdets (Squibs)
    • Half load
    • non frag
  • Robotics
  • Smoke Pellets
  • Mortars
  • Rockets
  • Napalm Explosion Effects


Robotic & SPDS Pyrotechnic Effects


Also known as Electric faul Simulators, Robotics are used extensively in film, tv and stage to reproduce electrical faults in fuse boxes, lighting fixtures and any other electrical boxes, equipment props.

A small white flash is follwed by a shower of silver sparks with little smoke.

These effects are available in Small, Media, or Large effects (5ft high x 10ft wide is the largest)


BloodyStuff always carry a stock of Robotics and have suitable professional controllers and are certified and experienced in safely rigging and firing these effects.   We can also sell our products from stock to suitably qualified professionals.

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