Prosthetic Bodies, Skeletons, Limbs and Other Body Parts for Hire

If you are shooting the next Hollywood blockbuster, but on somewhat of a limited budget, BloodyStuff may well have a great solution to solve your need for high quality props and effects, but without the associated mega-bucks budgets.

We provide for Hire an evergrowing range of prosthesic limbs, body parts and torso props including:

  • Arms, Legs, Feet & Digits Selection Pack - In this selection you get a minimum of 5 pieces of hands, feet, arms and leg parts and digits, cast from dense & rigid foams.  Hire From £200
  • Female Severed Legs Pack - In this selection you get a high quality Silicone molded 30 inch and 15inch clean severed leg section, showing flesh and bone.  Hire From £200
  • Male Severed leg Pack - Single male lower leg and foot with severed end.   Height approx 40 cm and a foot length of 22cm.  Hire from £100
  • Rotten Corpse Skeleton - Approx 1.5m skeleton for female/small male with the ability to be wired and posed. - Hire from £100


Our Props can have blood effects added to them provided they are added with our own BloodyStuff blood liquid products, as these are the only blood recommended for use for our props or in situations where guarenteed non staining to props or costume is a pre-requisite.

Some of our Celebrity Props available for Hire

Full Length Female Skeleton - Eaten Alive

Our particularly gory full body female skeleton, featuring acitate skeleton with latex and silicon flesh and a partially eaten face from the nose down.

A particular favourite for horror movies, meet our very famous lady, who's appeared in none other than Pirhana 3D.   She took exposing a little flesh to a whole new level in this film:-)

Fortunatly covered in blood and put into a different location, our lovely lady is not going to be recognised, so she'd be perfect for making a real impact in your next horror movie.

This prosthetic piece is an extremely high quality work of art, made for film.

Originally a piece like this would have been commissioned for over £10,000, but you can now hire her for a week to perform in your latest blockbuster at less than 5% of her original fee.  

She never forgets her lines and always gives a great performance.


BloodyStuff have access to hundreds of moulds from film and TV and can provide a semi-commissioned re-casting of any of our moulds, to facilitate a very cost effective prop for film, tv or theatre.

Contact us today to discuss your prosthetic requirements


Broken Arm Gag

This prosthetic arm is made from a resin core with high grade silicone skin.   The arm is moulded from Hereos actress Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet) and featured originally in the US Sci-fi series Heroes (Series One), where the gag called for the characters arm to be broken and appear to fix itself.  This is acheived with a dowel hidden inside the arm, which when pulled, a piece of resin pokes up from underneath the skin, and returns when the dowel is pushed back in.   This could easily be used to simulate breaking or setting an arm bone.   The arm is female, but would make a suitable child prop.

Hire from £195/week

Severed Leg Prop

This is a very high quality Silicone leg, which simulates a very nasty accident, animal/creature bite etc..   Our BloodyStuff blood liquids can be used to dress the leg with ultra-realistic blood effects (sorry, only our blood is permitted, due to it's guarenteed 100% non-staining formula).

This leg has been used to simulate both male and female characters in many film and TV roles.  Beautifully painted, this leg is incredibly realistic and can be used with Film and High definition even in extreme close up.   Being totally made from silicone, it looks real when being handled.

Hire from £120/week

Dismembered Arm Prop

A Severed Silicone Prop Arm originally featured in the Michael Bay's 2013 true crime-comedy, Pain & Gain. (with Mark Wahlberg).  This arm was custom made for use in the dismembering scene.

The arm is made of a silicone skin formed over a foam core. The skin has been detailed to look extremely lifelike, including showing wrinkles in the elbow evidence of muscle. The foam inside can be soaked with BloodyStuff  blood-liquid and has an additional hole running through the piece so effects crew can add more blood for the appearance of heavy bleeding.

Hire from £95/week

Rotting Corps Skeleton Prop

Meet Yorik... Our celebrity corpse lives with us a BloodyStuff Towers and is part of the family.   Yorik is an Acrylic and latex, totally accurate skeleton replica of approximately 5'5" tall, who has been expertly made-up to look like a rotting corpse in an advance state of decay.  Ideal for that Skeleton in the closet or under the floorboards moment in any film, TV or stage production.


Yorik is very talented and has been known to act as a male, female or even as older children and is totally posable with his fully functioning joints.

Hire from £95/week