Prop Weapons

Firing Prop Guns

Highest quality PFC firing guns... These are highly accurate replicas (not de-activated) and as such can be hired without an armourer, but still produce smoke, sparks and cartridge ejection and most guns can be stripped like the real thing. Antique & Modern Weapons







Replica Non Firing Guns

These highly detailed replicas are perfect for where the scene does not require a gun to be fired, or where our CGI services are used to create the firing effect in post production.  All have operational triggers and dummy rounds can be provided. Antique and modern weapons including flintlocks & Tasers

Pistols (including foam & Resing)




SMG's & Tasers


Replica Bombs & Explosives

Highly detailed Tasers and explosives, such as dynamite sticks, TNT, hand grenades and simulated bomb devices.

Available for hire only


Fight-Safe Knives & Swords

A range of usually plastic or foam knives and swords created to allow trained stunt actors to carry out knife and sword-fight scenes much more safely than using metal or real blades.




Prop Bladed Weapons

These realistic props have been carefully modified to have safe cutting edges, but not suitable for fight or action scenes as they are all based upon real knives and bladed weapons.

The ranges also include blood versions of many of our knives, which produce a ulta-realistic cutting effect, leaving a trail of running blood as they are dragged across skin.

A range of knife stab kits, for film and tv are available, which create the effect of a knife sticking into the actor (these are not retractable, but are body worn under costumes).



Film Prop - Firing Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Revolvers and Rifles

BloodyStuff Plug fire models make ideal prop guns. The advantage over blank firing guns is that model guns can be used much more safely. For instance in scenarios where a close range shot is required blank firing guns are potentially very dangerous. For example the perfect application for a model gun over other types of prop gun is a point blank shot as a solid barrelled model can be used exposing the "casualty" to no danger, but still give full blowback, action cycling and cartridge ejection.

Model guns give the full effect of an actual firearm firing without any of the associated risks.


In many instances blank firing guns are also too loud to be fired without hearing protection fitted (sometimes hearing protection is not feasible depending upon camera shot / application). Again since model guns are quieter than blank firers this is less of an issue.


Plug fire cap guns are also ideal for smaller low budget productions as there is no requirement for a qualified armourer to be present as there is with other types of prop firearms, e.g. real guns chambered for firing blanks, also the cost of caps is lower than the cost of blanks.  BloodyStuff always accompany our Model Guns to ensure safe and trouble free operation of these weapons.

Many film makers already use model guns and add our post-production effects such as extra muzzle flash and louder noise. This makes filming simpler as less time can be spent on set, "tuning" effects, retakes etc.  BloodyStuff can also supply a wide range of CGI Effects including bullet hits on glass etc, explosions, fire, smoke, dust, plus our realistic bullet hit system AirSquib 


Another benefit is that a much wider range of model guns are available than commercial blank firing guns.

We can (time permitting) also offer to research appropriate period models for your production if required, source prop guns in general e.g. resin/rubber "throw downs" and full metal dummy guns for closeup non-firing applications.

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