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Micro Pro-Fogger


The worlds most advanced, miniature, battery operated fog machine....  Completely self contained and small enough to fit into pretty much anything or anyone you want to create the effect of smoke coming from a prop or person, completely unhindered by cables.


Click on the photo left to see our new video, which will give you some ideas about how the Micro-ProFogger can be used.

BloodyStuff HD Soft Glass Broken Bottle pieces March 2016

NEW. HD Soft Glass Broken Bottle Pieces

These individually made HD Soft Glass bottle bottoms are completely safe to use in contact with skin. Designed for use in fight scenes or where the action calls for broken glass to be stamped on in bare feet or pushed into a face. Looks great on screen!



BloodyStuff Breakaway Replica Kitchen Chairs February 2016

Breakaway Kitchen Chairs

First pair of breakaway kitchen chairs out of the workshop, these versions, for the TV Thriller 'Hinterland' are finished in a variant of Teak Satin. 

Expect a violent outburst with dark undertones and a reasonable amount of furniture breaking on a TV near you soon.



BloodyStuff Stunt Kitchen Knife Stab Kit February 2016

The Night He met Santa....

.....And we were just wondering what happened to that coffee table and chair......

Just recieved this video from customer and properly ace stunt coordinator Marcus Shakesheff - - Hilariously violent and not lacking in adult humour.

Definately not for minors. You have been warned. Great fight scene. NIce one Marcus, thanks for sharing!



BloodyStuff Stunt Kitchen Knife Stab Kit February 2016

NEW BloodyStuff Stunt Kitchen Knife Stab Kit

The complete Stab Kit is now for available for sale or hire and comes with everything you need to simulate a fatal stab scene.

The kit includes a professionally blunted 'Hero' twin knife. A blood version is now being developed and will be available in Spring 2016

Click HERE for more images.

For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.

CAUTION: Whilst we dull all the blades to prevent accidental cuts, care must be taken whenever knives are being used and whilst the edges are all dulled any knife can cause serious injury if used without extreme caution.


BloodyStuff Silicon Blood Pools January 2016

Replica Period Breakaway Chairs

Made on an ultra tight lead time we turned these period replica breakaway chairs around for the upcoming film production 'Metanoia" in double quick time.

Part of the production schedule had to allow for custom mixing of stain with glazes between each layer. After age and wear had been introduced, going back down through the layers, a final finish using a mixture of beeswax and linseed was applied.
For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


BloodyStuff Silicon Blood Pools January 2016

NEW BloodyStuff Silicon Blood Pools

Newly perfected and ready for use, we are proud to announce our remarkable Silicon Blood pools. Easy to deploy reusable and very effective where using stage blood is not appropriate. (eg, on an antique wooden floor) The realism and ease of use combined the physical flexibity - not rigid like some products - makes our silicon blood pools the best solution yet. Gore without the mess! Custom pieces and standard Pool Packs available.
For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


Breakaway Period Replica Fruit Crates December 2015

Breakaway Replica Fruit Crates

Ready for collection on another tight deadline, these crates are intended for an extended fight scene. Made entirely of balsa and weighing in at a feather  light 500gms. Poldark here we come!!


Breakaway Period Replica Chairs Poldark Series 2 December 2015

Breakaway Replica chairs

Ready for final finish, these replica chairs are destined for an unfortunate end in the upcoming second series of the hit TV series Poldark.


Breakaway Prop TVs November 2015

Breakaway Prop TVs

Design specifially to smash safely when thrown out of a room window, these TV's where deployed for a recent promotion

of the hugely popular EA Games 'Guitar Hero'. Smashing!!


Stunt Scalpel Kit October 2015

New Breakaway Coffee Table Design

New from the BloodyStuff Workshops, the new modern but traditional breakaway coffee table.

Measuring 90cm X 50cm X 40cm this edition looks incredibly solid but weighs in at only 650gms!



Stunt Scalpel Kit October 2015

Historical Stunt Syringe Replicas

Just completed for The Hit TV Series 'The Durrells', these replica syringes need to be ultra light for

scene to work and look as convincingly heavy to work. (Originals were made using thick glass and

high grade heavy steel) were completed in record time to complete for a very tight deadline.


Stunt Scalpel Kit October 2015

NEW Stunt Blood Scalpel Kit

Now available for Hire, we are proud to announce our new stunt blood scalpel. Ideal use in surgical situations

and ultra realistic close ups. A video of the scalpel in use can be seen Here.

For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


Stunt Scalpel Kit October 2015

Replica Breakaway Chairs

Made to replicate an existing 1924 Chapel Chair for a scene in the very popular TV series

Peaky Blinders. These chairs took around ten days to make as, after construction, many layers of

custom made stain needed to be applied. Final finish was completed just hours before collection. Phew!


New Formula Rubber Glass September 2015

SquibFX Bullet Hit Generator News

The amazing SquibFX Bullet Hit Generator is a featured product in the new issue of Makeuo Artist Magazine.

Get the magazine here.

For more information on the BloodyStuff/SquibFX systems check out the SquibFX Page.

NEW Formula Ultra Realistic Rubber Glass

New Formula Rubber Glass September 2015

NEW Formula Hi Def Rubber Glass

Now on sale. Our new range of ultra realistic hi definition rubber glass products. Multipe uses include safe skin contact

for wounds or to simulate broken windscreens, windows and even broken bottles. So realistic it can create caustic reflections!


Breakaway Dining Chairs August 2015

BREAKAWAY Dining Chairs

Just completed, another set of our breakaway dining chairs. Expect a certain amount of dining room unpleasantness

on a TV near you shortly!


New Resin Rusty Prop Knife. July 2015

New Resin Rusty Prop Knife. Nasty!

New to our prop knife collection, this very high quality large survival knife has a 10 Inch blade and is available to hire

or buy. Orders now being taken.


Full Size Breakaway Field Fence June 2015

BREAKAWAY Farm Fence section

Ready for action, fresh from the workshops. A full size breakaway field fence made for inclusion in a soon to be announced feature film.


New - Phlebotomy Blood Draw System March 2015

NEW - Phlebotomy Blood Draw System

New to our growing medical range of props, we are proud to introduce the new Phlebotomy Blood Draw system for mid to close up very realistic blood sample taking. The kit comes with everything you need

to create the shots you need.


New - Phlebotomy Blood Draw System February 2015

NEW - Shank Blades

Introducing our new range of custom shanks. From detailed dulled blade,

but very dangerous looking metal bladed props to completely safe rubber and resin pieces.

Blood versions coming soon.


New - Phlebotomy Blood Draw System January 2015

NEW - Razor Shank

From our new Bladed Shank range of prop knifes. The Razor shank is a wildly dangerous looking modified cut throat razor. Great for close up shots even with the blunted edge. Also available as a blood version.


Breakaway Concrete October 2014

NEW - Breakaway Concrete

Formulating a compound that looks like one material and behaves like another is extremely complicated and needs very experienced professionals to achieve.  We are delighted to announce that our effects technicians have perfected a mix that allows us to create very realistic looking concrete for blocks or paving, which looks like concrete when it's whole, but also the debris and edges look just like real concrete when it breaks.  Of course, making something that looks like concrete is only useful if it breaks in a safe way.  Our engineers have done it and perfected a material that is safe to handle, produce and give an amazing effect when being broken.  Our Effects Specialist takes a piece for a dry run....   We can now take orders for breakaway concrete blocks or paving. 


Prop Luger Film and TV props, Fake Taser, Fake weapons 1st August 2014

New Luger and Colt Python Firing Props Added to the Gun range


BloodyStuff are delighted to announce the addition of two new high quality fully functioning and firing prop guns.  The infamous Luger WW1 & WW2 German forces favourite and the Colt Python, which is great for any setting from 1955 to the present day.


Available to hire from £24.99 and also available to purchase (POA - 28 days lead time to mould and finish)


For the full range of Prop Firing, Replica, Foam and Resin Guns, Click Here

Prosthetic artist, bodies, heads, limbs 14th June 2014

Ulyana Signature Range of Prosthetics


Our very own prosthetic artist Ulyana Staryk has just completed another highly detailed body prosthetic.  It's a little gruesome.... of course, but that's we are called BloodyStuff and not SweetStuff:-)

This prosthetic took around four weeks to complete from the original lifecast and is complete with removable intestines, liver etc., and the silicone skin peels back from the chest to reveal the ribs, it's also been designed to look as if he's still alive, so Ulyana has completed this piece with an internal bladder to allow the chest cavity to be inflated/deflated to simulate breathing.  Highly detailed and painted silicone skin makes this this prosthetic highly detailed for close up work for film.


If you require an original lifecast prop, from a hand or leg to a full body or head, contact us and come along for a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Prop Taser X26 Film and TV props, Fake Taser, Fake weapons 2nd June 2014

X26 Taser Prop


BloodyStuff are delighted to announce the completion of our film Prop Taser.  This resin mouled prop is an accurate replica, finely detailed by our in-house props department.


Available to hire from £24.99 and also available to purchase (POA - 28 days lead time to mould and finish)

Rocky Taylor with BloodyStuff Breakaway furniture, Prop furniture, stunt furniture 1st May 2014

Legendary Stuntman Rocky Taylor at BloodyStuff

When one of the worlds most famous stuntmen arrives at BloodyStuff to test our latest Breakaway furniture props, you can't help but be excited, and much to the relief of MD Keith Harding, the chair broke realistically and without pain, when stuntman to the stars of countless Hollywood movies took a full blooded swing at him with the prop.  Rocky has taken four more stools to demonstrate at a course he will be presenting at the BBC next week.   Designed by in-house engineer Steve Herbert, the new range of stools, chairs, tables & picture frames we will be available from mid May

Film & TV FX effects makeup, blood, 3D, stage makeup, stage blood, film makeup and effects, film blood 23rd April 2014

New Range of Kyrolan FX Blood & Makeup


BloodyStuff can now offer products from the Kryolan FX range, including 3D effects, skin effects, Blood.   Probably one of the best known film and tv makeup and fx companies in the world, we are delighted to now offer this range of world leading products.

We will be adding stock and products to our website soon, but please contact us if you have a specific requirement for this great brand and product.

Film Props & Effects Catalogue Best Price UK supplier for Sale UK 1st April 2014

Latest Catalogue and Prices - Spring 2014 

Our latest price list and guide is now avaialble for download with the UK's best props and great prices

  • Prop Firing & Replica Guns (New Firing & Replica Models)
  • AirSquib Bullet Hit Simulator
  • Stunt Soft Props, Knives, Syringes (New Props added)
  • BreakAway Glass, Ceramics & Furniture (New Furniture added)
  • Micro ProFogger smoke/fog effect but smaller
  • Prop Limbs, Bodies, Skeleton Props (Fantastic New Additions)
  • Bombs, Explosives & Security Props *NEW* (Brand new range) 
  • Flocking Services for Hair and set dressing effects
Film & TV Pyrotechnics best price for sale & service, installation London UK 6th Feb 2014

Film, TV & Stage Pyrotechnics


BloodyStuff now offer pyrotechnic devices and services from our base at 3 Mills Studios, London.

Keith Harding has many years experience in the film and tv industry and is a certified member of The Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians.

Offering not just the products but a full rigging and firing service, stocking the worlds best Le Maitre pyrotechnics and advanced firing systems, we can advise, install effects such as electrical explosions, bullet hits in sets, smoke and small bomb blasts, mines, smoke and all the bangs and flashes you could wish for.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to simply purchase micro dets, gerbs, mines, robotics etc..

BreakAway Furniture film props for sale best price UK 15th Jan 2014

Stock BreakAway Balsa wood Furniture


In addition to our Breakaway Glass range, we now have a selection of bar stools, chairs, picture frames (A3 & A4 size) available from stock.  Our exclusive range is designed and built by BloodyStuff, so you won't find these products anywhere else in the UK.  Our chairs and bar stools can be supplied in plain wood finish (from stock) or can be stained, painted and even have faux leather upholstry (to order).  BreakAway Balsa Photo/picture frames include our high quality BreakAway Glass.

Prices from £59.00

Film, TV Props - Prosthetic Severed female Hands 15th Jan 2014

Female Prosthetic Severed Hands (pair)


Fresh from Hollywood and a recent starring role in the 

Pain and Gain, our highly detailed female severed hands are made from a foam core with silicone skin and highly detailed for even the closest of shots.   Perfect for your next thriller or horror movie, these, like all our prosthetics are Hollywood quality, but available to you at a fraction of the cost of the original commission for such high quality prosthetic props.


Our Prosthetic Props can be hired from as little as £75/week.   

Wind Tunnel Portable remote control wind machine hire 12 Dec 2013

Special Effects Wind Tunnel

This scaled down version of a full size wind machine as used by around the world by Film Studios, our portable untit can provide localised effects ranging from a summer breeze to a winter storm.  To control the effect, it has a stepless speed control and comes supplied on a C-Stand for stability.
With manual control of the 5 wind speeds, it also has a programable auto mode that makes the wind speed up to full strength and slow down to a spring breeze over a selected time frame, ideal for theatres, small film crews or photographers. The control panel can also be used with the wireless remote control for when you want to position the fan remotely from where you need to control it. Our professionally designed  film, tv & theatre portable wind-tunnel provides 145Watt/220-240V with the fan turning at 1400rpm in a tunnel diameter of 460mm, resulting in an maximum airflow of 2880m3/hour with sound levels of only 60db  (11Kg excluding C-Stand)

Available to hire from as little as £29/day

Prop Prosthetics, Skeletons, bodies, limbs from BloodyStuff Film Props and Effects 14th November 2013

New Prosthetic Props Available for Hire


We are continuing to grow our range of limbs, bodies, skeletons and other body parts.   Our full length eaten full body skeleton is the latest edition.  Beautifully crafted and already featured in a major US movie, you can now take advantage of a truly stunning movie prosthetic prop for your next Horror, drama or documentary feature.


At over 5 feet tall, our female mutilated body, has a full skeleton which is exposed up to the nose, making it a great horror piece.  The face is of high quality silicone.


Prop Prosthetics, Skeletons, bodies, limbs from BloodyStuff Film Props and Effects 21st October 2013

Prosthetic Skeletons, Limbs, Bodies for Hire


The oldest member of our acting team Yorik has just returned from another head-turning acting job for a film.   Whilst his acting methods can be a little lifeless, he's really good at it, just as all our props are really good at being dead or dismembered.  

Unfortunately poor Yorik is now dying of bordom in BloodyStuff towers, so why not give his super acting abilities a test for yourself. Yorik or one of the BloodyStuff team will be delighed to take your Prosthitics enquiry. "Young Yorik" is avaiable from as little as £75/weekend.  You'll have to collect him though, as he hasn't got anywhere to keep cash to pay the taxi...

Prop Bomb, Props Bomb, Props Explosive, Stage bomb from BloodyStuff Props & Effects 20th October 2013

New Bomb Film Props Added


BloodyStuff have now started adding bomb and explosive props to our "Arsenal" of other props and effects.   This are movie quality props and available for hire.   The above prop (you might recognise it from a popular feature film) is currently available and dynamite, tnt and other explosives (with or without timers).  As well as "home-made" type bomb/timer props, we can make advanced "master-mind" criminal devices to order.  These are all entirely ficticious props created purely for film, tv and theatrical productions.

Contact us for further details

New Replica Prop Gun range from BloodyStuff 7th October 2013

New Replica Prop Gun Range


BloodyStuff are delighted to respond to customer feedback with a range of replica guns, which are ideal where you need a very realistic gun, but don't need one that has the ability to fire or you want some guns for set dressing, but don't have want to spend the budget on firing guns..


We have started the range with the ever popular Colt 1911 and Beretta Semi-automatic guns (similar to the firing props that we already have available) and two new guns being the famous Walther PPK and the very popular Russian Makarov.  Starting from as little as £15 to hire, these guns will be popular and we will be holding multiple guns, for the times when you need to dress a stage with lots of guns.  

Film Prop Soft Foam Tools, Stage hammer, Stage wrench, prop tools, rubber hammer 25th August 2013

Even More Foam Stunt Props added - Exclusively from BloodyStuff


Professional Prop makers have been busy coming up with new foam stunt action tools, moulded directly from the real items and finished to an extremely high standard.

As well as our selection of Prop Plug Fire Cap (PFC) guns and Stunt Knife kits, we have a range of foam and rubber tools, wrenches, hammers, axes and even a cast iron frying pan.   These high quality props are much safer for use in action scenes and will not cause injury when talent if hit or struck with the foam models.   Unlike "halloween" props, these are professionally moulded and handles reinforced so that even long handled axes, hammers, crowbars etc, stay ridged in action, but do not hurt when being used as an assault prop.   Very light weight and painted to accurately represent the real items, these props can be used successfully for film and HDTV.

Take a closer look

Worlds Smallest Fog smoke machine ideal for concealed smoke effects - Wirelessly controlled 23rd August 2013

Micro ProFogger - The worlds smallest smoke machine


BloodyStuff now stock for sale and hire the incredibly miniscule proportioned ProFogger.   As you can see from the photo, it's positively tiny.... Pefect for conceailing in a printer, small box, car glove compartment etc.,  and firing remotely (with the optional wireless controller).   Up to 10 minutes continuous use from the rechargable battery and Fog Shot.  Need more, simply swap out the battery (usb chargeable) and the Fog Shot (5ml of specially formulated fluid).

MicroFlocker Film & Theatre Flocking Equipment and Flock Materials and Hair for Hire or Purchase 1st August 2013

BloodyStuff Introduce Flocking Equipment and Services


The BloodyStuff PropFlocker offer all the flexibility of much larger systems in a lower power, economic package.

The Propflocker is suitable for flocking small to medium areas. Its variable output combined with the optional small flock head allows it to be used inside areas where the larger units will not reach. The quick change applicator heads allow colour changes in seconds. Adaptors allow larger pots to be used. 

Ideal for all kinds of character hair and fur makeup, set dressing (natural surfaces like moss, grass are perfect for this machine).  Totally portable, with optional 35mm wand for dealing with smaller areas and particularly suited for beard and facial hair application.The BloodyStuff PropFlocker offer all the flexibility of much larger systems in a lower power, economic package.

Breakaway Dressed bottles and glass selection for Client drama 23rd July 2013

BloodyStuff Prep another customers "BreakAway" order


Another busy day at BloodyStuff Towers.  This time for a 1960's drama which required some authentically "dressed" BreakAway wine and Ale bottles.  Our graphics designer created a custom 60's styled labels for both wine and beer bottles.  Supplied and custom "dressed" in less than 5 days from receipt of order.

Carefully dressed from our BreakAway glass bottle range, we can provide original labeling or copies from Budweizer to Gordon's, White and Red, Champagne, new world or vintage labelled bottles aged to any era 

Shooting starts in the next few days... Good luck from BloodyStuff!

Prosthetic Limbs for hire 22nd July 2013

BloodyStuff introduce Range of Prosthetic Limbs for Hire


Here at BloodyStuff we can commission and produce custom prosthetic props, but these can typically cost from £1000 up to £15,000 for body parts to a full body.   Many of these types of commissions are one off for a blockbuster film, but sometimes we have access to non-exclusive prosthetics, that originally would have required big budgets to produce, but are now available to us, to hire on a weekly bases from as little as £100/week.   Providing lower budget movie makers, TV Drama/Documentary and Theatres the ability to have access to high quality "Hollywood" levels of props, but without the high costs of individually commissioning such items.  Various male/female limbs, body parts, and torsos available and more to be added.   More information is available in Blood n Stuff and Shop sections.

Dirty Down Ageing Sprays, Snow Sprays, Dulling Sprays, Film and TV costume effects 9th July 2013

BloodyStuff to Stock "Dirty Down" Ageing Sprays & Products


We are delighted to announce that from July 2013, BloodyStuff stock the range of Dirty Down Ageing, Snow, Dulling and other film, tv and stage effects sprays and liquids.

Dirty Down were founded in 1980 and soon gained a reputation for their uniquely formulated sprays for creating ageing and dulling effects for costumes and props for Film and Theatre.  Today, Dirty Down is used around the world for Film, TV and Stage costume/props for ageing and now they also make one of the best Snow/Frost sprays on the market. 

Ageing is the term used for making things look old and dirty.  Our ageing spray is named "Dirty Down" because that's what it does, it dirties things down. Just a quick spray is all it takes to make thing look old and dirty.

Film Prop Action Tools, Stage hammer, Stage wrench, prop tools, rubber hammer June 7th 2013

More Action Tool Props added - Exclusively from BloodyStuff


Our prop makers have been busy coming up with some new foam and rubber stunt action tools, moulded directly from real tools.

As well as our selection of Prop Plug Fire Cap (PFC) guns and Stunt Knife kits, we have a range of foam and rubber tools, wrenches, hammers, axes and even a cast iron frying pan.   These high quality props are perfectly safe for use in action scenes and will not cause injury when talent is hit or struck with them.   Unlike "halloween" props, these are professionally moulded and handles reinforced so that even long handled axes, hammers, crowbars etc, stay ridged in action, but do not hurt when being used as an assault prop.   Very light weight and painted to accurately represent the real items, these props can be used successfully for film and HDTV.

Buy Now

AirSquib Remotely controlled, totally Safe Air operated Squib May 11th 2013

AirSquib - Exclusively from BloodyStuff


BloodyStuff can exclusively supply for sale or hire the revolutionary Air-Squib.  Traditional Squibs rely on explosive charges, necesitating a qualified operator to be on-location to minimise the risk to talent and crew.   Whilst we supply our blood liquids, gels and blood bags for these devices, we are delighted to announce the introduction of Air-Squib, which is a totally safe device, which can be hired by makeup or costume professionals and even self operated by the talent.   No explosions, no risk of injury!

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Stunt Scalpel Kit October 2015

NEW Stunt Blood Scalpel Kit now Available

Now available for sale or hire, we are proud to introduce our new Stunt Blood Scalpel Kits.

Each kit kit comes with Stunt and Hero versions and gives a realistic 'slice' cut even close up.

Email us at for more information. A video is available  Here


For more information please contact us, call

01904 728935 |07493 202748 or email