Film & Effects Makeup & Hair Products/Services

Our head of makeup and effects, Ulyana Studied makeup at Kiev & Madrid Universities and effects makeup under the tutorage of Niell Gorbold and at Pinewood Studios.


As well as a prosthetics artist, Ulyana and her team provide makeup, fake hair application and period hairdressing for film/tv/theatre.  


Ulyana's team are specialist in the appliance of hair to both live actors and prosthetic faces, bodies, limbs.   Finding professionals in this very specialist field, is normally difficult to find under one roof, but our multi-talented team can provide a wide variety of hair and effects makeup.


Ulyana can also provide a range of pre-made prosthetic wound and effects appliances or offer direct services to film/tv and theatre productions.


Trained in prosthetics by world renowned and Oscar winning special effects artist Niell Gorton, we offer the highest calibre of makeup, effects and hair artists

Rapid Application single use and re-usable Wound Effects


We provide a wide range of pre-prepared wounds and effects, that can be purchased, then applied for the easy creation of high end blood, wound and special effects.  These are created by our specialist team and have the advantage of being identical to each other due to the professional moulding materials and techniques we use.

Makeup artists can quickly apply cost effective and high quality wounds and effects even to extras, or provide continuity of a wound when being applied over several days or weeks of filming.  


Appliances are provided in a range of standard skin tone colours to closes match to the actors natural skin colour.  The appliances then require application, finishing/painting & blood or other effects to be added by a makeup artist on set.


We can also supply custom appliances or our in-house effects makeup artist can be hired daily to provide makeup and appliance applications as a complete service.


The image shows one of our larger re-usable broken leg wounds with makeup and blood effects added by our team.  Preparation time less than 10 minutes.  Re-usable appliances need to be used under costume to hide the fixing.  Single use appliances are recommended where the wound/effect needs to be blended onto the actors real skin.

Period Hair Styling & Wig Services


Our highly experienced Film/TV hairdresser specialises in the creation of period hair


Whether creating a slice of history from ancient Rome, to Victorian, 1920's, the roaring  40's or the swinging 60's our experienced team can create the look required on set with the actors own hair or from quality real hair wigs designed, manufactured and styled in-house by BloodyStuff.


These services are available throughout Europe as a daily hire.  Our hair designer comes with all the equipment needed... and our wigs can be hired from stock or can be custom produced to reflect any colour, style  or period.