Security Deposit High Value Props & Effects

The Security Deposit

This security deposit is necessary when hiring goods from us and will be returned in full upon the timely and safe return of all undamaged goods.   This deposit is not intended to cover for the loss or damage of all items you are hiring, you must have separate insurance for  this purpose.


Security Deposit Amount

You will be asked to pay a security deposit based upon either the props/effects you are hiring or their total value.  Typically any hire involving guns, air-squib, Pro-fogger, Stunt Knives/razors will require a minimum deposit of £1500.  

Customers who place a large order for multiple props/effects and who do not have an established credit account will be asked to pay a higher deposit, up to £5000.

Security Deposit £1500
1,500.00 GBP

HIRE of multiple weapon Props, High value Prosthitics
This deposit is NOT intended to cover your full liability or costs for the items you have hired. Further claims or invoices may be incurred if items are lost, damaged or returned late and exceeds the amount of the deposit paid.