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IMPORTANT HIRING INFORMATION for Customers.. By Hiring from BloodyStuff you confirm that you have read and understood this information.


"We are NOT a fancy dress hire company or a Charity"

BloodyStuff are a trade supplier of professional props and effects for film, tv and theatre.   We only supply to Film, TV, Theatre and bonafide media agencies and associated companies/individuals (although we are happy to support students from bonifide media colleges/universities/training establishments, subject to having written permission from a senior staff member/tutor). We cannot normally deliver to a residential addresses, or sell to private individuals unless they are genuinely involved with the production of a film, tv or theatre production beit professional or amateur.  


Visit/Collection by Appointment Only

If you are collecting your order from BloodyStuff, you will need to arrange a time to visit, as we are do not have a shop or premises for viewing of props or effects

Please contact us to make an appointment.

Hire Collection - after 12:00 on the day of collection (latest time 15:30)

Hire Return - by 12:00am on the day of return (earliest time 10:30)


Minimum Order Value and Security Deposit 

Minimum Order.  Unless otherwise agreed, there is a minimum credit card value of  £95 for goods and services (excluding tax, packaging and carriage).     

Please do not pay for an order unless you agree with these criteria, as any orders/payments received that have to be cancelled will incur a 25% administration/cancellation fee, which will be deducted from the refund. 

Deposit.  All customers will need to pay a security deposit by credit card using our PayPal payment service (by prior agreement, we can accept a bank transfer if the total deposit is greater than £1,300.   Deposits are normally between £250 to  £650/item, depending upon the value and type of props/effects being hired.  Prop weapons normally carry a minimum £650 security deposit.

The security deposit may be increased if you are unable to provide adequate company/production details, valid insurance or if you can only provide non secure details such as mobile phone numbers, private address or only provide a generic email domain such as hotmail, bt, google, gmail me, mac etc..

Minimum Order Quantity.  Some products such as BreakableFX Glass is pre-packaged in minimum quantites (E.g. BreakableFX Glasses 12 pieces, furniture 2 pieces etc.), please check for details and pricing.


Prop Weapons We offer a delivery and collection service for our prop weapons.  Props must be delivered to and returned by a senior member of the production or company who will be legally responsible for the safety and security of props, cast and crew for the duration of the hire (including shipping).  For Further details of rental requirements for Prop Weapons click here


PFC Firing gun Cartridges.   

PFC weapons are not blank firing guns and consequently the cartridges supplied are valuable and rare and designed specificatlly for the weapon.   We prime these dummy cartridges with black powder plugs, making these custom cartrdiges prepared for firing.  Please note,  they can only be fired once and must be returned to BloodyStuff after use.  The cartridge/s are part of the prop and must always be returned with the prop or the replacement value of the cartridges (between £6 and £25 depending upon the type of weapon) will be charged and deducted from your deposit.



Our Prop Weapons (including knives) are only available to hire to bonifide Film, TV or Theatre Productions and are designed only be used by suitably trained or experienced professionals.  BloodyStuff cannot accept any liability for any damage, personal injury or falling foul of the authorities for improper or dangerous use, care, storage and transportation of these props. You must be over 18, have insurance covering the hire of prop & effects (you should notify your insurers that you intend be use replica firearms in your production) either in the name of the hiring company, including public liability (company registration number needed for limited companies) or an insurance covering the specific production.  You must be affiliated with the film, tv or theatre production and hold a senior position such as, Armorer, Director, Art Director, DoP, Stage Manager, Producer, Props Manager, Makeup/Effects Supervisor, Stunt co-ordinator/supervisor etc., runners or friends for example, should not be asked or allowed to collect prop weapons.  

The person collecting/receiving, should provide a headed "letter or PO or business card" from the production company (including where applicable, the company registration number as issued by Companies house for Limited companies), two forms of ID, one photographic and a proof of address (utility bill or company invoice), they must confirm that they will be responsible for the safekeeping and the correct and proper use of the props and that actors and crew are suitably experienced or trained to safely use these props without harming themselves, others or damaging the props.  Any mechanical or cosmetic damage to the props caused by missuse or accident will be charged for without exception and any broken or missing parts, including PFC cartridges must also be paid for.  Replica firearms should never be allowed to be publically displayed, used or taken from their safe storage or used for any other purpose than reharsals or performances. Only the hirer and persons directly involved with scenes utilising the props should be allowed to handle them and at all other times they should be stored in their case and preferably locked away..  We recommend that the hirer apply to the local police for a CAD number if the props are going to be used anywhere other than private property, theatre or studios or anywhere there is the possiblity that these props may be seen by members of the general public or any person that may not be aware of the intended purpose of the prop.

It is YOUR responsibility to research and satisfy yourself that you meet all the current legal requirements of the Firearms Act and the Violent Crime Reduction Act before hiring or using a replica prop weapon.


BreakableFX  props can normally be shipped in special packaging via courier, however BloodyStuff Ltd do NOT accept any responsiblity or liablity for damage or breakages caused during shipping, opening or use/assembly.