CGI Special Effects for Film and HDTV - Service

At BloodyStuff, in addition to real-world props, effects and blood, we can create and augment enhancements to these with our in-house CGI specialist.

Using top Film/TV editing, grading, effects, 3D & compositing software tools, we have created a library of professionally keyed 2K & 4K resolution explosions, fire, bullet hits, dust, blood, muzzle flashes, plus highly accurate 3D weapons, ammunition and pretty much everything we need to cost effectively create highly advanced atmosphere and CGI effects for Blood, Guns Explosions..... and all the "Bloody Stuff"


"Add stunning action sequences with actual and virtual effects, providing vastly increased production values but not production costs. Suitable for Film (2K, 4K) and HD TV (HD, 2K, 4K)"


Contact us to discuss your individual FX requirements or for complete production service we offer visit our sister company BeyondHD Cameras in Motion


CGI Effects for all your BloodyStuff Effect Libraries

CGI Software Suites

Adobe After Effects CS6 Used by BloodyStuff for CGI effects for Film and TV After Effects


Our graphics designer has over 20 years experience with High end graphics and visual effects software

3D animations and CGI work, 2D and 2.5D compositing and effects are our speciality.

3D Studio Max used by BloodyStuff Film and TV CGI/3D Graphic artist/designer 3DS Max


For 3D Design we combine our extensive experience of 3D Studio Max, together with a vast library of models we've created over the years, and purchased libraries to provide fast turnaround of effects, titling/credits, animation etc..

Element 3D as used by BloodyStuff CGI and 3D designer for Film and TV effects Elements 3D

We also use the superb Element 3D from industry CGI and Effects specialists Videocopilot.   This extremely powerful software works stand-alone or combined with AfterEffects to provide some of the most incredible 2.5D and 3D effects available.   We have almost every library available, including weapons, sports and entire Cities that can speed the process of creating effects, titles and everything that we specialise in at BloodyStuff

Adobe Creative Cloud as used by BloodyStuff for our Film and TV CGI Adobe Creative Cloud CC2014



Adobe Creative Cloud

BloodyStuff (A TX-2 Broadcast Ltd) company license Adobe Creative Cloud suite, giving us permenant access to the very latest versions of the entire suite of Adobe products, including After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, etc., 

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