NEW Formula Hi-Def Rubber Glass

Now on sale. Our new range of ultra realistic hi definition rubber glass products. Multipe uses include safe skin contact

for wounds or to simulate broken windscreens, windows and even broken bottles. So realistic it can create caustic reflections! Contact us for further details.

NEW. HD Soft Glass Broken Bottle Pieces

These individually made HD Soft Glass bottle bottoms are completely safe to use in contact with skin. Designed for use in fight scenes or where the action calls for broken glass to be stamped on in bare feet or pushed into a face. Looks great on screen! This commision required an 'ice box' frosted appearance.



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HD SoftGlass or Rubber Glass
Chose from our makeup sample pack, ideal for adding small shards of glass to wounds) up to our 500g pack to replicate a typical broken car side window (for your help, examples of what each quantity might be used for is shown for each weight option)


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