Custom Breakaway

Our in-house props department can make almost anything that looks like wood and a host of other materials.  All our custom made breakaway props can withstand the closest inspection, but  break realistically and stunt safe for the highest quality fight and action scenes.

We have produced everything from farmyard gates (plastic or wood), front doors, packing crates and even TV's.

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Custom Breakaway Christmas Drums.

Made for a short scene stunt on the 'Eight Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdowm' Christmas Special.

Breakaway Prop TVs

Design specifially to smash safely when thrown out of a room window, these TV's where deployed for a recent promotion of the hugely popular EA Games 'Guitar Hero'. Smashing!!


Breakaway Replica Fruit Crates

Ready for collection on another tight deadline, these crates are intended for an extended fight scene. Made entirely of balsa and weighing in at a feather  light 500gms. Poldark here we come!!


Replica Period Breakaway Chairs

Made on an ultra tight lead time we turned these period replica breakaway chairs around for the upcoming film production 'Metanoia" in double quick time.

Part of the production schedule had to allow for custom mixing of stain with glazes between each layer. After age and wear had been introduced, going back down through the layers, a final finish using a mixture of beeswax and linseed was applied.
For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


For more information please contact us, call 07530 479019 or email