All made in-house by BloodyStuff Props department.

Highest quality breakaway furniture possible.  Stunt safe balsa wood production.

Chairs, Stools,, Tables, Picture Frames (with breakaway glass) and much more are made to our standard template for the best possible price and quickest delivery.

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Our master potter and effects master can produce stunningly realistic ceramic pots, plates, bowls, earns and replica items such as valuable statues, earns, vases etc.. Made from our own in-house secret formula, our ceramics, look and break just like real ceramic, as they are not made from the typical soft waxy materials typically used for breakaway ceramics

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Glass & Bottles

The most popular of breakaway action props, the BloodyStuff glass, glasses and bottles are made using special resin formulas, allowing us to produce visually perfect clear and coloured glass props, which unlike the old-fashioned sugar glass, don't melt, attract insects and can take small amounts of liquid for really enhancing the visual effect.

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Custom Breakaway

Our in-house props department can make almost anything that looks like wood and a host of other materials.   All our custom made breakaway props can withstand the closest inspection, but  break realistically and stunt safe for the highest quality fight and action scenes.

We have produced everything from farmyard gates (plastic or wood), front doors, packing crates and even TV's.

Contact us today to find out more about our commissioned Breakaway items

HD Soft Glass

Designed and produced by props masters at BloodyStuff.  Our unique formula of soft or "rubber glass" allows us to procuce incredibly HD quality glass shards and fragments and even parts of bottles and glasses, which are 100% stunt safe for handling and even walking on bare-foot.

Also perfect for makeup artists to use to simulate glass injuries.

This is such high quality it even causes caustic reflections just  light like real glass.

Breakaway Props - Furniture, Concrete, Glass & Bottles for Film and TV

NEW Formula Hi Def Rubber Glass

Now on sale. Our new range of ultra realistic hi definition rubber glass products. Multipe uses include safe skin contact

for wounds or to simulate broken windscreens, windows and even broken bottles. So realistic it can create caustic reflections! Contact us for further details.

NEW - Breakaway Concrete

Formulating a compound that looks like one material and behaves like another is extremely complicated and needs very experienced professionals to achieve.  We are delighted to announce that our effects technicians have perfected a mix that allows us to create very realistic looking concrete for blocks or paving, which looks like concrete when it's whole, but also the debris and edges look just like real concrete when it breaks.  Of course, making something that looks like concrete is only useful if it breaks in a safe way.  Our engineers have done it and perfected a material that is safe to handle, produce and give an amazing effect when being broken.  Our Effects Specialist takes a piece for a dry run....   We can now take orders for breakaway concrete blocks or paving.  Contact us for further details and pricing


Take a look at the video below for our latest edition to the Exclusive Breakaway Furniture and concrete props



BloodyStuff provide a highly advanced range of Glass, Bottles and Crockery  items which are extremely realistic to look at, shatter like real glass and even sound like breaking glass.   We can provide all kinds of bottles, glasses etc., in clear, green & brown as well as opaque white/cream for crockery simulation. Popular styles such as Bud bottles, pint and wine glasses, red and white wine bottles are normally available for stock for minimum orders of 6 bottles.

The Breakaway glass is chemically formulated (not sugar glass, which attracts wasps.... we don't like wasps!), which gives us much more stable results, with far more control over the quality of the final product.



We are always happy to discuss specific bottles, glasses or requirements and keep stocks of bottle dressing kits for quick delivery.  Our print and design department can help with producing custom/reproduction labels/brands for bottles to give that totally authentic look

TIP...... if you introduce a small amount of BloodyStuff Blood Liquid to a beer or wine bottle, it will give a great blood effect when striking a person with it.  

TIP..... It's also great to see someone take the last gulp of beer from a pint glass before smashing it...... all in a single take without cut-aways.

Breakaway Furniture

BloodyStuff have our in-house furniture prop makers who can produce a wide range of custom commissioned furniture, plus a small range of standard, stock items to which we also hire the originals for real use (you can't sit/rest on a Breakaway chair/table).   Our designer and builder has spent many years building furniture for high end clients and luxury yatchs...   "He was a little disturbed when he realised that he'd be using his considerable furniture making skills, only to see his work distroyed every time", but we keep him away from the cinema, so he never sees his hard work being destroyed. :-)


NO animals were hurt during the making of this video and sadly nor was our MD

The more observant will notice that our incompetent operator fired the blood effect a little prematurely:-)   

We keep a small stock of common items of household furniture such as bar stools and chairs and small tables and various sizes of picture frames (great bang for the buck with breaking wood and glass in one prop). For non stock items, typically we build to order and within reason, given the construction materials of balsa wood and various foams and styrenes, our highly skilled cabinet maker can create many looks and periods of furniture, window frames, doors etc., which can also be augmented with our breakaway glass.


Please contact us with your exact requirements and we'll be happy to quote you for all your breakaway furniture and glass needs.

For more information please contact us, call

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