Liquid Stunt Syringe

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The BloodyStuff Liquid Syringe simulates needle impregnation and the injecting/extracting of liquids such as drugs/blood.  These beautifullly engineered, working syringe props are custom built specifically for Film and TV and should not be confused with Halloween toys, which are not designed to this standard of quality. 

The kit comes with both the retracting syringe prop and a safe "hero" which can be used to show liquids being ejected.  The "hero" comes complete with two different lengths of needle (which is blunted) and can be used to simulate a semi inserted syringe, where the action does not require the visual impact of the syringe retracting.

These props are safe in the hands of professionals and are not toys.  With correct use they should not harm the actor, although as with all sharp objects, extreme care must be taken when handling these props in the heat of an action scene. Like all good props, rehearsing and good blocking makes for a great effect.






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