Medical Equipment

Our experienced prop technicians can create many different styles of medical equipment with blood effects.  Items such as retractable syringes, blood scalpels & phlebotomy effects are kept in our hire stock, but we can usually produce custom effects and equipment to suit your specific scenes.  If you don't see what you need, Contact us to discuss your specific requirement.


Prop Liquid Syringe Film & TV Prop Click Image for More Info



The BloodyStuff Liquid Syringe simulates needle impregnation and the injecting/extracting of liquids such as drugs/blood.  These beautifullly engineered, working syringe props are custom built specifically for Film and TV and should not be confused with Halloween toys, which are not designed to this standard of quality. 

The kit comes with both the retracting syringe prop and a safe "hero" which can be used to show liquids being ejected.  The "hero" comes complete with two different lengths of needle (which is blunted) and can be used to simulate a semi inserted syringe, where the action does not require the visual impact of the syringe retracting.

These props are safe in the hands of professionals and are not toys.  With correct use they should not harm the actor, although as with all sharp objects, extreme care must be taken when handling these props in the heat of an action scene. Like all good props, rehearsing and good blocking makes for a great effect.





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Stunt Knife kit, blood knife, Stage Knives Actual knife designs and operation may vary



These scalpels are specially constructed to provide the safest way to have action sequenses involving real knives. Now available for Hire, we are proud to announce our new stunt blood scalpel. Ideal use in surgical situations
and ultra realistic close work. For more information email us at or call 07493 202748.


CAUTION: Whilst we dull all the blades to prevent accidental cuts, care must be taken whenever knives are being used and whilst the edges are all dulled any knife can cause serious injury if used without extreme caution.

The Stunt Blood Scalpel  kit is supplied with everything you need to perform the stunt


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Historical Replica Syringes

Historical Stunt Syringe Replicas

Just completed for The Hit TV Series 'The Durrells', these replica syringes need to be ultra light for

scene to work and look as convincingly heavy to work. (Originals were made using thick glass and

high grade heavy steel) Our team of prop masters were able to completed the custom build in record time to meet the productions very tight shooting schedule.


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NEW - Phlebotomy Blood Draw System

New to our growing medical range of props, we are proud to introduce the new Phlebotomy Blood Draw system for mid to close up very realistic blood sample taking. The kit comes with everything you need to create the shots you need.





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