Blood Air Squibs

These safety squib rigs are super safe, very easy to use, & intuitive to learn. And because they are non-explosive, they require no licenses or special permits to operate. We also create other crazy blood delivery systems to create huge blasts of blood or sustained sprays of blood. SquibFX are the result of nearly two decades of designing and building bullet hits, thousands of hours of research & development and rigorous testing...

Because our rigs use air instead of explosives, they are a safe alternative to traditional squibs. Our rigs come in a variety of styles, are very easy to use, and create consistently beautiful and effective bullet hit and blood effects every time. These rigs make otherwise complicated and expensive fx shots quick and easy. They reset quickly for retakes and can save tons of time on set and during rehearsal.


Following excellent video from Hillywood is a music parody of The Walking Dead. It features blood hits using our exclusive SquibFX compressed Bullet hit simulators. Already used in film, tv and theatre, these incredibly powerful and superbly made systems are available for hire.


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