Blood & Medical Effects

Silicon Blood Pools

Developed by our props-masters at BloodyStuff.

A range of standard or custom sized blood pools

Range of natural blood colours or special colours for aliens and creature effects.

Totally realistic effect, without any risk of damage to location floors, stairs etc.

Available to purchase only



Blood Knives

 Developed by our props-masters at BloodyStuff

A wide range of ultra realistic edged weapons, knives and scapels that produce a trail of blood to simulate a cut to the skin.

These are so realistic that they can be used in very close up shots, live performances and even close up magic.

Available for hire only



Medical Equipment

Developed by our props-masters at BloodyStuff

A range of medical effects including Phlebotomy effects & blood scalpels.

Our specialist are on hand to work with you on custom requirements for your next surgical scene.  If it cuts or bleeds, we can probably make it for you.

Our medical effects are available for hire only


Retractable Syringes

Developed by our props-masters at BloodyStuff

Extremely high quality Retractable syringes with hyper-realistic liquid withdrawel or injecting effects. 

These props have been used on hundreds of films and tv programs, to enable directors to get close up shots of liquids being administered or blood being taken from actors.

These are the very highest quality

Available to hire



Blood Air Squibs

Developed in conjunction with BloodyStuff

These ultra-safe air operated squibs can provide effects from a small bullet hit, to the most extreme throat cuts and other gruesome effects, where blood letting from a few millileters to a few litres can be ejected rapidly or more controlled for bleeding-out effects.



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